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It’s official ‘The United States has provided laser-guided artillery shells to the Ukrainian army.’

"Are the tides suddenly going to change."

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The 155 millimeter diameter excalibur shells which home in on a spot of laser light and can even strike enemy vehicles in forests revetments and alleyways could help the Ukrainians chip away at the Russian army’s fire power advantage in Ukraine.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

An unnamed U.S Defence department official confirmed the excalibur provision in comments to reporters. “As you know we are conducting training out of Ukraine in Germany and England” the official said.

“And so we have got everything from maintenance courses that we are running continuing to train on the employment of artillery systems both ‘rocket launchers and howitzers” he continues.

The new shells could help the Ukrainians mitigate the 10 to 1 artillery advantage the Russians possess in Eastern Ukraine.

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