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New Hong Kong leader John Lee.

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John Lee the former Hong Kong security chief was sworn in as the new territory leader and during his speech he said that the national security law introduced in 2020 has brought security after the anti-government protests that started in 2019.

Adrian Brown later speaks on the matter as he says ” John Lee’s entire carrier has been rooted in security and i think that tells you the sort of candidate that china wants to run Hong Kong.” he further adds ” he was of course the only candidate in the election that won but he has the credentials that china wants right now and i think that what china wants right now is that. Even though John Lee does not have any political experience i can tell you what he wont be doing and their will not be a talk of him sort of expanding democracy, increasing any political reform here in Hong Kong that simply is not on the cards.”

If what Adrian speaks of is true then what is china currently planning with making that move!

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