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Netherlands on lockdown by protesters.

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Netherlands is among the largest exporters of meat and meat products which include, beef, chicken, pork etc with some of the largests food production. Today, civilians and farmers wakeup to realise their government is not on their side any longer with the enforcement of new government policies that are closing up farms all over the country to reduce nitrogen and ammonia emissions to the environment by 50% by 2030.

As we all know that nitrogen and ammonia are some of the vital elements for the growth of crops and support of the world food chain as without one of the components, their is no continuation to the other. By setting these new policies into motion, the farmer’s livelihoods have been put at stake and may leave a massive number of farmers without jobs also reducing the country’s export rate.

All sectors related to farming be it the fishermen, truckers and other groups have joined up in this protest where farmers dove their trucks blocking transportation in the country, fishermen sailing their boats while hooting blocking the inlets and outlets on water bodies has led to the complete lockdown of the country.

The dutch police resorted to using tear gas and other methods to get the protestors to move which was unsuccessful in the end which led them to become desperate and deploy hidden undercover cops to the protesting groups, these were also soon discovered and were chased and beaten.

The newly appointed Minister for Nature and Nitrogen was attacked at his home residence. His car was overturned and compound filled with crop manure with more unspeakable acts committed.

sUrprisingly the media all over the world did nothing in writing about the current happenings as they had already been paid to keep silent on the matter. The Dutch people resorted to asking for a worldwide uprising as even the media its self that is supposed to be with the county’s people is against them by receiving bribes from the government.

This occurrence its self could be another reawakening of the Sri Lanka incident.

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