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How safe is the new Range Rover?

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On Thursday in Paramus, New Jersey, a truck carrying the new Range Rover models was travelling when one of the cars on it slid off falling onto a Honda Accord leaving one person gravely injured.

Honda Accord

The injured was rushed to the hospital for medical intervention whereas the Honda was crushed and seen as all its airbags were deployed. The Range Rover its self was in the worst shape possible as it was demolished.

Range Rover

The vehicle carrying truck was reported to be heading to the Jaguar Land Rover’s Headquarters in Mahwah with the vehicles containing identical specification with issued manufacture plates.

When the automaker was given a call, he did not offer any comment on the nature of the vehicles nor where they were heading.

concerns are rising as people ask themselves whether it is safe to drive the new Range Rover models, seeing that a simple crash left it completely demolished and chances of passengers surviving are small.

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