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What prompted Steve Bannon to testify this time?

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Steve Bannon is an American Media Executive and a political strategist who served as a White House strategist in the administration of the former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Previously, Bannon had refused to give his testimony and to submit documents related to the January 6 2021 attack on the capital by Donald Trump. On this day, Trump supporters organized a coup preventing the Senate from certifying the previous November presidential election results that officially confirmed Democrat Joe Biden as the U.S President.

From then and now, something has definitely changed that forced him to request to give his testimony and to have it done in a public hearing. This all happened after Pat Cipallone decided to give his testimony that happened closed doors at the January 6 House Committee.

Pat Cipallone is an American Attorney who served as White House Counsel for Donald Trump. Pat is one of the few figures who witnessed Trump’s effort to overturn the 2020 election.

The former Senator and two-time Republican Presidential primary candidate Rick Santorum talked about Pat in a different way. He says his good friend Pat is focused on his faith, his family and his work. But it remains so that Pat is a key witness to Trump overturning the 2020 elections as he can even provide new information on Trump’s behavior.

We believe that after Pat had given his closed door testimony, Steve also decided to hold his own testimony but according to what his lawyer told the committee, he plans to have it as a public hearing.

Donald Trump himself feels frustrated at the committee hearings describing them as one sided witch hunt, he is also giving his support for Bannon’s testimony saying that the committee and the public should hear him out.

In the committee, standard procedure does not allow for public hearing as the testimony has to be first heard in the private interviews. Zoe Lofgren a Democrat said “we want to get all our questions answered and can’t do that in a live format.

Steve Bannon is to appear in court on 18th July on two criminal charges for contempt of congress for refusing to testify previously and failing to submit documents.

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