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Is Joe still the best card for the Democrats?

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With a decline to 33% of Americans approval, constantly failing on policies and failing to address the issues the average American is facing, President Joe Biden seems to be losing grip of control of the United States of America the world’s greatest superpower. His own administration is loosing faith in him. The man who Americans thought would re-unite them seems to be dragging everyone down with him.

His Presidency began amid one of the toughest moments of the U.S history with Americans heavily divided and the country in the middle of unprecedented pandemic. He quickly gained more confidence and approval by the way he handled the vaccine roll out and the release of the big covid19 relief package.

With only 118 days to the mid term elections, things seem to be taking a drastic turn for the 79 year old politician, his associates, and the democratic party. A most recent New York Times/ Siena college poll shows that 64% of the voters planning to take part in the democratic presidential primary in 2024 say they want the party to nominate a candidate other than Biden.

Having been the oldest president sworn in ever at 78 years, many Americans of average age saw a fatherly figure who would re-unite the country but many are putting that to question, is he really a fatherly figure?

The failed policies, the overturn of ROE vs WADE, the increase in gun violence fatalities of children and youth despite him having mobilized for the passing of the “safer communities” act. Lets not forget the increased drug overdose related deaths, the laxed handling of the border immigrants’ crisis, inflation rise and the miserable Afghanistan withdraw that left 13 U.S service members killed and 18 others injured. Above all his administration’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine where the U.S has spent $54 billion yet there are not visible results of victory yet for the people of America. 

As we fast approach the mid-term elections in 4 months’ time, it will take more than words to convince the American people to defend the Democratic Party majority in congress. The Biden administration will need to take tougher measures to arrest the worsening inflation of fuel and food scarcity crisis. If the Republicans take over the majority in congress, then it will be a nightmare for the Republicans who will have an extremely hard time to make changes which could have gained them favor in the 2024 presidential elections. 

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