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It tops the list of impersonated businesses in the U.S.

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Federal officials have released a warning for Amazon Prime Day shoppers. Federal Trade Commission says Amazon tops the list of impersonated businesses. Thieves are trying to scam consumers and steal their personal information and identity.

With Amazon drawing millions of shoppers online over the past few days, this morning the Better Business Bureau and multiple Cyber Security Companies are warning of the sharp rise in the fishing scams.

Most of these fishing campaigns and information type emails come from domains that contain the word ‘Amazon’ but they are not. Their is over 2000 domains that were created, 10% of them are malicious.

These thieves are sending convincing texts and links to try and steal your personal information and experts say that they can look very realistic.

Amazon sent an alarm to its customers telling “Scammers that attempt to impersonate Amazon put our customers and our brand at risk. Although these scams take place outside our store, we will continue to invest in protecting customers.”

Advise on what should be done is, do not click on emails or text subjects with; “A problem with your order” “Package Delivery status” “We owe you a credit” “Urgent problem”.

Make sure the websites or URLs have the S on the HTTPS, if they don’t have that, then its a red flag.

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