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The situation in Sri Lanka does not seize, instead worsens.

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Its been weeks since the crisis in Sri Lanka has gotten out of control with the whole country protesting on economic and national issues of the country. These protests have even forced the resigning of the political leaders and the ones most certainly affected are the President of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. These two have been forced to step out of power by the people for their unjust rule that has involved corruption and many other allegations.

President and Prime Minister

When the protests were held, people stormed into the presidents home planning to take a look at where all their money was being used and what the president enjoyed as they were in mischief. Some even dived into the swimming pool in large crowds while others continued with their exploration.

Many thought the situation in Sri Lanka would be resolved with the stepping down of the President and Prime minister but instead it has become worse after the announcement of the President trying to flee the country with the Prime minister.

Although the President has successfully fled the country, he left the Prime Minister in charge of the governing of the country and to over see the election of new leaders. This instead has caused the increase in the rioting and people storming the Prime Minister’s house where they were welcomed with teargas by the anti rioting forces guarding the Prime mister’s home.

Many have been wounded and rushed for medical care which was even carried out at the protest scene, for example a teacher who was beaten and received an injury to the head. Lately the government has implemented rules such as nationwide curfew to control the criminal activities in the country.

According to analysis, the situation is not getting better instead worse as the people are afraid the new President that might be elected by the government is worse than all the other presidents in history.

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