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Thailand crew rescues distressed elephant and her calf.

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An elephant in Thailand had to be revived by rescuers jumping up and down on her chest after her calf slid down a 7-foot drain and left her unconscious.

The calf slipped into a manhole and was stuck in strong rain, prompting park staff from Khao Yai National Park and volunteers to undertake the daring rescue.

The crew tranquilized the mother since they couldn’t retrieve the infant without distressing her, but she slid headfirst into the hole, hitting her head and losing consciousness.

The team was left with an even greater difficulty even though this did enable the hungry calf to eat. By this time, it had been imprisoned in the sewer for many hours. Now that they had two jumbos to save, were fears the mother could suffocate.

mother elephant being rescued

Using a crane, the team successfully winched out the mother and then her baby.

However, once she was out of the hole the mother was still unconscious and so a member of the team jumped up and down on her chest, managing to revive her.

She quickly got up and along with her calf made her way back into the jungle to re-join their herd.

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