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Biden foreign trips. Chief beggar or strategist

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President Joe took a trip to Israel where he became the first known President to fly from Israel to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. As we know, his goals were to bring Saudi Arabia and Israel closer, advancing their truce in Yemen, establishing a firm stand against Iran, increase energy production and lets not forget, “to reprimand the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia for the death of Jamal Khashoggi.”

Jamal was a former Washington post columnist, editor of AI-Watan and former general manager and editor of the AI-Arab news channel. He was last seen entering the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Istanbul and never came out

Not only is the president’s reputation and approval rating going down at home, but even his recent familiarity with the Crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman by offering a fist bump as a welcome has made it even worse. He just doesn’t seem to make the right choices for his people all the time.

While he was making friends, he has left total economic turmoil in his home land. Talk about the instability that is still going on with the unsolved gun related cases, the Roe vs Wade overturn outcomes to the general public, these are all examples.

Even as asked by the press about his standing with the crown prince for violating human rights, “he does not give a solid answer”. With the assassination of Jamal, “still unclear with out relevant information”.

What really went on during the meeting and why did he choose to do a behind closed door meeting with the Crown prince?” Is Biden advocating for human rights or is he begging for help as he has been doing on most foreign trips?

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