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How safe is air travel with small aircrafts?

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According to officials, four passengers were murdered on Sunday when the aircraft they were traveling in crashed over North Las Vegas Airport.

Each single-engine aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, had two occupants. Local first responders gave no sign that anyone had been killed or hurt on the ground.

According to a statement from FAA spokesman Eva Lee Ngai, a Piper PA-46 was getting ready to land when it collided with a Cessna 172. The Cessna went into a water retention pond, and the Piper struck a field east of Runway.

According to the FAA, the collision occurred in the virtual skyway known as the “traffic pattern” that is connected to the airport managed by Clark County, Nevada, government.

With assistance from the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board will look into the incident. Midair crashes are uncommon but not unheard of but they still claim many lives.

One of the deadliest occurred in 1978 when a passenger airliner and a Cessna 172 carrying two persons collided over North Park in San Diego. Seven persons on the ground died in addition to the 137 passengers on board the two flights.

How safe is air travel. With the Cessna crash records, this may prove that the planes from the company may have a default error leading them to have crash incidents commonly compared to the rest.

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