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Critical 3 seconds which could have saved Shinzo Abe.

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Its been a week since Japan’s former strong leader Shinzo Abe was shot and killed while campaigning. His funeral arrangements were completed last week. In the history of Japan, Shinzo was the first political leader to have accomplished serving his country for the longest period of time.

Shinzo was assassinated during his speech on a street in the city of Nara on Friday morning. He was shot at twice in the back where the first bullet to be shot, missed him.

With this it is seen that instead of taking cover to protect himself on the ground, Shinzo remained bravely standing and searching around for the shooter when most leaders would have ducked at the sound of the shot.

His security were neither concerned at him or even trying to rush to his aid, instead they were interested in the gunman.

When the second bullet was fired, it caught the still standing Shinzo in the back straight to his chest where he fell clutching his chest and unconscious.

The few seconds his security had put in running after the shooter and tackling him could have maybe saved his life in the long run, by administering first aid and calling for emergency pickup in the early seconds. Things could have turned out differently and not resulting in a great loss of a great leader.

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