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Is Putin’s visit to Iran to prove to the world he still has friends?

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Vladimir Putin, Russian President took his second foreign trip to Iran on Tuesday since the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In his visit, he met with the Turkish and Iranian leaders. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan with Russian President Vladimir Putin met in Tehran.

This visit that also included a summit was to show that Putin still had friends who are also his allies international wise.

The topics during the summit included; Unblocking Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea, The civil war in Syria was also among the discussions, as Turkey and Russia historically were backing opposite sides.

After his meeting with the Russian President, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei talked about Tehran and Moscow strengthening their ties with each other and also suggested that the west was to blame for the Ukrainian war.

Khamenei goes on to say that if Putin did not start the war, Ukraine would have still started it.

This visit shows to U.S. that Russia has lost friends due to the war and in the west, Moscow has achieved pariah status. Kremlin is dedicated to show that international sanctions have failed to isolate Russia which is the world’s Largest country, proving that its friends are still sticking around just like Turkey and Iran.

Russia is dedicated to use the three way summit on Syria to demonstrate that it has retained it powerful allies and geo-political influence.

The presidents of the three nations also spoke about the protracted conflict in Syria, where Turkey supports opposition troops while Iran and Russia back President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran and Russia both reject Turkey’s intention to launch a new attack in northern Syria against US-backed Kurdish terrorists. The operation is a part of Mr. Erdogan’s ambitions to establish a safe zone along Turkey’s border with Syria for 30 kilometers.

Mr. Erdogan stated that in the “war against terrorism,” he expected help from Russia and Iran.

After Russia first opposed a request for a one-year extension, the UN Security Council this week decided to re-authorize cross-border assistance delivery to Syria that is controlled by rebels for a period of six months.

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