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Rosita performer at Sesame parade brushes off two black girls.

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Racism is still not totally abolished in our country as many colored folks are still having a hard time with the segregation even public ways. It has even affected our children who are supposed to grow up innocent without knowing anything.

The example is of two children who were happily attending the parade to take a look at their favorite character, only to be ignored by them when they tried to receive high fives. Jodi Brown in an interview with TMZ even said it was challenging explaining what happened during the parade to her daughter and niece.

The video shows the Rosita performer at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania giving high-fives to kids as they pass by during a parade. Two little black girls stretched out for their own high-fives as Rosita drew near.

The costumed performer approached the girls and waved them off before moving on along the route.

“The individual bluntly told our kids NO then went on to embrace the young white girl next to us,” says Jodi. The mother and aunt of the girls in the video, Jodi Brown, said on Instagram. When I went to complain, they looked at me as if I were insane.

With the help of an Instagram post, Sesame Place Philadelphia attempted to defuse the tension.

The theme park gave a lame excuse that “Our brand, our park, and our workers stand for inclusion in all forms.” Because of their costumes, our performers occasionally have trouble seeing at lower angles and occasionally fail to comply with visitors’ requests for hugs.

Brown disclosed that she had hired a lawyer to help in her investigation into the incident and consideration of filing a lawsuit. Brown stated, “A simple high-five or a wave would have been adequate.” “They were delighted to meet these individuals.

The burden of proof for Brown’s client to establish discrimination was acknowledged to be very high, but B’Ivory LaMarr also noted that “the amount of evidence that we’ve received and the number of families that have reached out causes a question whether there is a pattern of this type of conduct being experienced at the Sesame Place theme park.”

LaMarr stated, “I think it’s quite clear that the Sesame Place employee purposefully instigated this behavior.”

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