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Pet dogs a horror for humanity with Machine guns

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While Boston Dynamics demonstrates the dancing moves of its robots, others are transforming similar-looking objects into dystopian killing machines.

The robot dogs are just as internet-savvy as their canine brethren. The most recent addition to the feed, a mechanical dog, appears to be straight out of a science fiction film.

A robot dog shooting a rifle was shown in a video uploaded from Russia. The robot can strike targets without moving around much while in “semi-automatic mode” but does not seem to manage the recoil very well in “burst fire mode.”

The robot in the video doesn’t appear to be produced by an American corporation because it has patches with the Russian military’s emblem on its sides.

The robot bears a wolf on one side and a Russian flag on the other. The Russian special forces utilize the wolf as an emblem.

Fears that robot dogs would be exploited by humans have been discussed for a while, most notably in the “black mirror” television show, which in 2017 devoted an entire episode named “metalhead” to the concept. A robot dog is being used to track down a person in the plot.

These “machines of slaughter” might as well replace human armies with those who can afford them leading to the massive slaughter of the world. As they are not killable, unlike humans, these machines may become devastating shortly.

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