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Russian oil chief falls from hospital window. Is it suicide or murder?

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Ravil Maganov, the head of Russia’s largest oil company, Lukoil, passed away after falling from a Moscow hospital window. Although the business acknowledged his passing, it simply stated that Maganov, 67, had “passed away following a serious illness.”

According to Russian media, he passed away from his wounds while receiving treatment at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow.

Maganov is the most recent in a line of prominent corporate leaders to pass away suddenly. Investigating police stated that they were attempting to determine how he passed away at the spot.

Information cited by Tass news agency says, he fell out of a sixth-floor window before subsequently confessing to have committed himself.

Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Lukoil board called for the conflict to end as soon as possible, expressing its sympathy to victims of “this tragedy”. Its billionaire president, Vagit Alekperov, resigned in April after the UK imposed sanctions on him in response to the invasion.

Several Russian energy oligarchs have died in unexpected situations in recent months for example;

In a Spanish mansion was where millionaire Sergei Protosenya’s body was discovered in April, along with the bodies of his wife and daughter.

Vladislav Avayev, a former vice-president of Gazprombank, was discovered dead in their Moscow apartment with his wife and daughter in April.

Former Lukoil mogul Alexander Subbotin passed away in May from heart failure, purportedly after obtaining complementary medical care from a shaman.

These mysterious deaths lead to questioning whether some of them were genuine deaths, suicide attempts or likely assassinations and murders to silence them.

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