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The usage of drugs puts the Navy SEALs at unrest

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New allegations on the use of performance enhancement drugs have put the Navy SEALs at unrest as the public has always criticized the dangerous and deadly training culture, but this case puts it at the top of the most dangerous zones. The Navy has faced brutality over the past years of their selection exam with over eleven men dying in the past several decades.

The underwater training of the SEALs

It has been discovered that some candidates are using the enhancement drugs to get an edge in their daily training. According to the Times, a Navy investigation to the death of a seal recruit in February concluded about 40-candidates have been found to use the performance enhancement drugs that is in violation of Navy regulations.

This findings have come to light after Kyle Mullen a 24-year-old SEAL candidate died after completing the SEAL’s infamous Hell week. Evidence of his drug usage was found with the discovery of syringes the performance enhancing drugs in his car.

Kyle’s mother testifies that he considered taking steroids but he is adamant that he did saying that believes they belong to other colleagues of his.

Kyle’s autopsy was done by the military medical examiner showed no signs of any drug use at the time of his death sighting the cause of death as bacterial pneumonia. he was seen coughing out blood and constantly receiving oxygen throughout the week after the grueling training mental to push the candidates to their mental and physical limits.

His mother claims that Kyle would have survived if he was not abandoned after the end of hell week and been taken to the ER or hospital right then.

The Navy has issued a statement about Kyle’s death saying they continue to examine the events leading to his cause of death including medical practices and safety protocols.

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