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Trump criminally charged for withholding documents in Florida

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Court allegations that trump could still be in possession of classified documents were filed on Tuesday. While he was in denial of the case, a warrant for a check up at his Mar-a-Lago estate was issued.

After leaving office, US presidents are required to send all of their documents and emails to the National Archives. Prior to departing office in January 2021, the FBI is investigating at whether Mr. Trump inappropriately handled documents by moving them from the White House to Mar-a-Lago.

Due to these efforts, a team from the National Archives went to Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in January and retrieved 15 boxes of White House documents that included “highly secret reports,” some of which were “intermixed with other documents,” and even Mr. Trump’s “handwritten notes.”

some of the collection of classified data found at his home.

A picture of papers that were reportedly color-coded during the search was also provided in the department’s submission. Some of the files are labeled “Secret” and “Top Secret,” and they are shown scattered on a carpet.

Unlike the released affidavit requesting the original search warrant, whose heavy redactions were cited by Mr Trump and his supporters as evidence of nefarious behavior, this court filing is a much clearer read.

In its 54 pages, it makes an effort to refute claims made by the former president that the Mar-a-Lago search wasn’t simply pointless but also a part of a political vendetta.

It describes government attempts to persuade Mr. Trump and his attorneys to voluntarily release pertinent records and the mounting suspicion that they were not being completely honest. The administration said that the ease with which the FBI discovered further secret information validated their suspicions.

Donald Trump responds to the filings on Wednesday claiming the FBI agents ‘dropped the documents all over the floor pretending that it was he that did it. then they started taking pictures for the public view’.

With a criminal case regarding withholding of secrete information/classified data, Trump and his associates will be criminally charged in this case if discovered that the mess was their own creation.

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