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California experiences a new uprise of wildfires and floods

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Wildfire outbreak hat started from Southeast of Los Angeles and kept spreading.

Another devastating wildfire that started last night in the Southeast of Los Angeles has already spread to Southern California. People in the area were forced to flee their houses when a number of them caught fire. Two people have died as a result of the current flames in the North, and several nearby schools have closed as a result.
Rolling blackouts are occurring in California as a result of the state’s electrical infrastructure being stressed by the heat brought on by the fires and climate change, which is causing the state to experience heat records.
To combat the state’s current situation, officials are urging greater power conservation than is customary during power warnings.

Floods in the East that ave caused traffic and several cars stuck without moving.

While all of this is going on, an entirely other climate shift is happening in the East, where floods are affecting millions of people as a result of several inches of rain falling over the course of one night, adding to the already existing threat.
Travelers have borne the full brunt of the tragedy as a result of their vehicles becoming stuck in the flooded roads, which have even led to the introduction of snow plough trucks to aid in traffic.
The floodwaters have also covered a number of homes, and some of those homes have since collapsed, leaving a number of people homeless.

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