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Demolition of schools in Uvalde to be carried out

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Students are to return to class on Tuesday, just a few months after the horrifying mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. However, the building where 19 of their students and two professors had been murdered in May may never be inhabited by survivors.

At a July city council meeting, Uvalde’s mayor, Don McLaughlin, announced that Robb Elementary School will be demolished.

“We could never ask a student or a teacher to return to that school,” according to McLaughlin. As per Texas state senator Roland Gutierrez, razing schools after a mass shooting has become so regular that a federal funding program is available.
“It’s sad to think that such a procedure even exists,” said Gutierrez.”What kind of world are we living in that legislation was created for razing these schools?”

After a significant disaster, several schools followed this same road to demolish their structures.
According to the Center for Violence Prevention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “in many situations, these schools are closed or entirely renovated to lessen the terrible memories they have become for community members.”

The date for the demolition of Robb Elementary School or its replacement with another school, structure, or monument is still unknown. The assault survivors will continue to attend lessons at other schools in the district during this period

The superintendent of the district, Hal Harrell, has outlined strategies for enhancing school security. However, some families still don’t feel secure going back, so they transfer to neighboring districts or enroll their children in online courses. 416 pupils have left the area, while 136 have signed up for virtual learning.

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