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President Biden’s one sided powerful speech about the MAGA Republicans

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The pro-Trump movement poses a threat to past and future elections, and many Democrats and activists have long grumbled that Biden was doing too little and speaking too mildly to counter that threat. Thursday’s speech was one of his most robust since assuming office. Biden sometimes stumbles over his words or breaks off in the middle of a sentence, but on Thursday he appeared to be determined.

President Biden spoke out strongly against what he described as a perilous assault on American democracy on Thursday, saying that “too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal” because “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Although history has shown us that blind allegiance to one leader and a propensity to use political violence are deadly to democracy, Biden remarked, “We are still fundamentally a democracy.” Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are without a doubt in control of, directing, and intimidating the Republican Party.

In his speech, Biden gave the impression that he was attempting to strike a balance between the dignified tones of a presidential address and the scathing, personal criticism of Republicans that many in his party feel is required to solve a crisis. Biden praised the country’s rich historical traditions while implying that the approaching election is a conflict between people who uphold American principles and others who seek to undermine them.

Biden’s address was not political, White House officials emphasized again and time again, arguing that defending democracy is not typically a party issue. While Biden did criticize Republicans, it was evident that he was mainly going for what he dubbed “MAGA Republicans,” or those who support Trump and his bogus assertions that elections were rigged.

Before the address, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) criticized Biden for calling tens of millions of Americans “fascists” and portrayed the president as a divisive character who ignores most of the nation. Last week, Biden charged that many Republicans were turning toward “semi-fascism” during a fundraiser.

What Joe Biden doesn’t understand is that, the soul of America is in the tens of millions of hard-working people, of loving families of law-abiding citizens, with whom he vilified for simply wanting a strong, safer, and more prosperous country, McCarthy said in reference to Biden’s oft-repeated line about restoring the soul of America.

Republicans who disapproved of Trump were among those who attacked Biden’s remarks for causing division.

Biden is determined not to just stand by and watch as the elections in the country are stolen by people who simply refuse to accept that they lost. “I will not stand by and watch the most fundamental freedom in this country — the freedom to vote and having your vote counted — taken from the American people.” said Biden during the lasts of his speech.

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