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Hillary Clinton’s revelation to run for president in 2024

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Political uncertainty around Hillary Clinton’s potential third presidential run in 2024 has grown. She was formerly the secretary of state. Rest assured that many people who hoped she might run in the elections are disappointed, so put your worries to rest.

The former first lady sought to allay everyone’s fears by announcing during an interview that she will not seek the office again. She vowed to do all in her power to ensure that the United States elects a president who respects our democracy, the rule of law, and the institutions of the country.

Regarding Donald Trump’s re-election bid, Clinton responds “He ought to be thoroughly defeated. Grow a backbone and start with the Republican Party! Say no to this person! And, God forbid, if he receives the nomination, he must be soundly beaten and returned to Mar-a-Lago.”

She claimed that the events leading up to the violence on January 6 were the result of a “seditious conspiracy” against the American government during her interview.

“I was the secretary of state, you know. I spent a lot of time, you know, traveling around on aircraft, urging people to have a true democracy. The smooth transition of power is also a sign of true democracy, “Clinton

“When I defeated Donald Trump by over 3 million votes but lost the Electoral College, was I relieved? No, I wasn’t content. Did I ever have the fleeting thought that I might declare victory and attempt to persuade the Democrats to deny certifying the election? No.”

This contrasts with the tone she adopted during the Trump administration when she frequently referred to her former competitor as an “illegitimate president” about Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Following the disclosure that she used a private email server while serving as secretary of state during the Obama administration, Clinton was dogged by scandal during the 2016 election cycle, leading to a protracted FBI investigation.

During his now-famous press conference in July 2016, Comey informed the public that 110 emails from 52 email chains included classified information, with “Top Secret” information contained in eight of those chains.

It’s unclear what Clinton meant when she said Comey “accepted he was mistaken” about discovering secret material in her emails; nevertheless, in 2018, he acknowledged the “error” of how he initially described her activities, neglecting to emphasize that they were not “criminal activity.”

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