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The Queen is comfortable, what next?

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Everyone walking through Balmoral’s streets today senses the gloomy mood. The media’s attention has been centered on the gates of Balmoral throughout the day. With the news of the Queen’s condition, the mood remains sour even as vehicles pass through the gates of Balmoral castle.

Although it has been reported for weeks that the Queen’s condition is not ideal, it was now reported that she was “comfortable.”
Her grandkids and children have all set off on journeys to return to the castle where she spent her dying days.

Since Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria purchased the estate in 1852, it has served as one of the British royal family’s primary residences.

At a seminar for top Holyrood personnel in 2019, plans for Operation Unicorn, the code name assigned to the plan that would be implemented should the Queen pass away in Scotland, were disclosed. They include preparations to deal with potentially tens of thousands of mourners visiting Balmoral and Edinburgh, as well as the immediate suspension of proceedings at the Scottish Parliament. With a significant police presence anticipated, mourners will be urged to congregate near the Scottish parliament, the Palace of Holyrood, and St. Giles cathedral.

The Queen’s┬ábody will then be transported by rail from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, where it will lay in state at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which served as her official Scottish home.

With the current circumstances, we wonder what will transpire after her demise. Will there be disarray and squabbling over Charles Prince of Wales’ heir to the throne?

Some people who have lived their entire lives in the company of Queen Elizabeth II wonder what will happen. Not only a small portion of the population, but the majority, is experiencing panic throughout the city, and they are doing it covertly to avoid alarming others.

Overall, what happens next will have to be seen in the updates that follow once the royal family returns home and with the conclusion of the Queen’s rest.

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