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The Queen had a better relationship with Trump than Biden

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What type of comparisons can be drawn between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the current and former presidents of the United States, and their dealings with the late Queen of Britain?

Saying so, their comparison is significantly superior to the other. Some may argue that it is history in the making that President Biden, the 13th president overall, is the last president of the United States to meet the Queen.

We do not yet know whether Trump’s degree of engagement with the late Queen contradicts this.
Trump arrived in England in June 2019 on the third day of the month and was greeted royally by the British queen.

He was invited to a luncheon and a review of royal presents after the Queen gave him a series of tours of the area. Here, they had a glass of wine together.

Here they shared a glass of wine.

In contrast to President Biden during their meeting, the Queen was perceived to be smiling honestly throughout their contact, and they were conversing honestly.

Because Biden met the Queen while donning sunglasses, royal decorum was breached, and this left him having a bad impression public-wise. The two’s comparisons become starker as a result of their interactions.

Biden wearing glasses during their interaction.

The late Queen most likely had far greater ties to and comfort with the old US. Even as president, she declared that Vice President Biden was her favorite.

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