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Hillary Clinton in support of the Biden administration

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Campaigns have already started as the state general elections draw near. Though some of the potential candidates are not known, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have intentions to participate so far.

Hillary Clinton is ready to move forward as she backs Joe Biden’s administration and upcoming campaigns, stating during an interview, “I wish people would unite ‘behind President Biden,’ who is doing an extraordinary job to restore our manufacturing sector, attempting to deal with climate change and all the other problems.”

The Inflation Reduction Act, which the President intends to pass, is seen as a major victory for the US energy manufacturing industry since it will strengthen the industry and support the restoration of many employment opportunities.

According to Clinton, the majority of Americans support the actions that Biden is taking. whilst a small portion of the populace is attempting to impose their viewpoints on the majority.

She says, “It’s time for everyone to say no, regardless of the party, as it is not who we are as Americans.”

She blatantly contradicts herself when she says that “the public should unite behind President Biden” because she is herself one of those who “try to impose their beliefs on the rest.”

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