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Russian soldiers flee from Ukrainian territory

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Since Russia began its invasion six months ago, Ukraine has retaliated with two meticulously planned counteroffensives, one in the south and the other in the east, supported by significant US military aid packages.

Authorities have barred journalists from the frontlines, and only a limited number of photos shared by Ukrainian soldiers on social media may be published. 

As a consequence, it appears as though Ukraine is successfully driving Russian soldiers from areas they have occupied for more than six months.

A section of the recently freed Ukrainian town of Kupyansk is patrolled by members of the State Security Service.

A petition requesting President Putin’s resignation was signed this week by the leaders of several of the biggest cities. This is a startling indication of the waning domestic support as Ukraine continues to make progress on the battlefield.

As part of the counteroffensive, Ukrainian forces attacked a Russian truck, forcing numerous Russian soldiers to retreat back into Russia and abandoning substantial quantities of weapons and ammunition.

The Russian soldiers’ actions might be seen as evidence of an uncoordinated command and control system in Russia.

In Kharkiv, Ukraine claims to have reclaimed 2300 square kilometers of its territory. But could all this disorganization in the Russian soldier armies be a destruction to something big planned by President Putin.

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