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Amazon comes under scrutiny after the new filed cases

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Amazon is charged with maintaining prices at a high level using unlawful means this morning. On its website, prices are reportedly intentionally increased.

According to the California Attorney General, Amazon has broken antitrust regulations. With the filing of the lawsuit, allegations have been made that the corporation has for years coerced sellers to sign contracts that penalize them for their items or supplied elsewhere at lower costs.

The claimed penalties include being moved to a less visible area of the website or being removed from Amazon entirely. Consumers wind up spending more than normal as a result of this.

The lawsuit demands that Amazon refund the losses and refrain from signing arrangements that restrict price competition.

Asserting that “sellers sell at their own pricing,” Amazon has pledged to defend the legal action.

The Attorney General’s request for relief would compel Amazon to offer customers greater pricing.

Following the recent resolution of two antitrust cases in Europe, Amazon has previously been subjected to criticism. Federal authorities in the US also started an inquiry into workplace safety issues over the summer.
Some of the workers complained that they were “forced to work like dogs” since they had to put in long, arduous shifts while standing for more than 12 hours.

Amazon Prime sign-up and cancellation procedures are also being looked into by the Federal Trade Commission.

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