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Armed activists raid several banks in Lebanon

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Since the government has placed restrictions on cash withdrawals, Lebanon’s economy is experiencing its worst crisis in years, making it hard for many individuals to pay their expenses.

Several banks in Lebanon were raided by an armed woman and several activists so that they may access their savings.

Armed individuals broke into banks and demanded their own money in two different events that occurred hours apart. People haven’t been allowed to access their funds for three years as a result of informal capital control.

One of those carrying weapons and being accompanied by activists, Sally Hoffas intimidated bank employees before receiving $13,000 from her account.

Sally Hoffas captured with a handgun on camera.

We didn’t steal the money; instead, we worked hard to get it, thus in this nation, this is the only way to get it back, according to Sally. Sally said the funds were required to cover the costs of her sister’s cancer treatment costs.

In a related instance from last month, Mohammed Shiekh Hassan kept hostages inside the bank for over ten hours before leaving with some of the trapped savings.

Hassan also stated that he need cash to cover his father’s medical expenses.

After the event, a large number of people experiencing the same restrictive withdrawal limitations gathered outside the banks. “We are governed by thieves driving us to use violence,” they claim.

People are losing patience with each day that goes by during the third year of the economic catastrophe. Government services are essentially nonexistent, the currency has been downgraded, and unemployment is at an all-time high.

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