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Technological advancement: The first hoverbike takes flight

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The advancement of technology is a constant as time goes on thanks to new innovative ideas. Shuhei Komatsu adored Star Wars as a child, particularly the lightning-quick land speeders. So he decided to create one of his own when he was older.

Komatsu stated, “I wanted to make something from the movie true. “For the Dark Side, it’s a land speeder.”

His idea for a vehicle that can race above the ground was on exhibit on Wednesday at the North American Auto Show in front of Huntington Place in downtown Detroit, according to his business AERWINS Technologies. The company’s XTURISMO hoverbike is making its debut in the United States.

At Coleman A. Young International Airport on Thursday, Komatsu and AERWINS Technologies gave the press a live demonstration of the hoverbike.

AERWINS Technologies is a drone and unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in Delaware. In November, according to Komatsu, his business will launch a public offering of stock on the NASDAQ exchange.

“The hoverbike is being sold in Japan,” the CEO said. “Japan doesn’t classify the vehicle as an aircraft and doesn’t require a license to pilot it.” 

He also hopes the U.S. government classifies its XTURISMO as a non-aircraft.

In 2023, a scaled-down model of the XTURISMO hover bike will start to be sold in the United States, according to Komatsu. The current car’s estimated cost is $777,000. He stated that he hoped to reduce the price of a smaller, electric hoverbike to under $50,000 by 2025.

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