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U.S. Military aid reaches more than $15 billion

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The Biden administration declared on Thursday that it will provide an additional $600 million in military aid to Ukraine as the United States rushes more arms to fuel Kyiv’s counteroffensive, which has recaptured significant portions of the devastated nation and forced Russian soldiers to flee.

According to the White House, the Defense Department has taken equipment and weaponry off the shelves for delivery to Ukraine for the twenty-first time.

More of the same kinds of weapons and gear that have helped Ukrainian forces repel Russian forces in parts of the east and south will be part of the package.

The U.S. is determined to help Ukraine maintain its remarkable counterattack that was begun early this month, as seen by the swift delivery of fresh funding, which follows the announcements of almost $2.9 billion in aid and financial support last week and of more than $3 billion in late August.

The most recent funding includes a $675 million weapons package announced by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in Europe on the same day that Secretary of State Antony Blinken pledged $2.2 billion in long-term military financing during a visit to Ukraine last week.

According to the United States, Blinken’s $2.2 billion pledge in Kyiv is for Ukraine and 18 of its neighbors, including NATO members and other regional security partners, who might be subject to future Russian assault.

Since President Joe Biden assumed office, the United States has provided Ukraine with over $15.9 billion in aid, including the most recent delivery of weapon systems.

Observing the counteroffensive, U.S. officials have been cautious not to declare an early win, stressing that Russia still has a sizable soldier and resource contingent. They also fear what Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, may do to change the course of events.

The High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and the High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) are only two examples of the precise weaponry and rocket systems that the United States and its allies have delivered. These systems have been crucial in the rapid change of momentum.

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